If you or someone you love is forced to register on America's public Sex Offense Registry and you are seeking answers, support, or want to fight back against
the registry, you are in the right place. Please read the announcements and instructions for this site below or click the portals on the left corresponding to your
subject of interest. Feel free to
CONTACT ME if you have questions. This site is best viewed on a computer rather than a cell phone.



Florida State Senator Lauren Book filed a SLAPP suit against me in order to silence my activism against her and father Ron Book, the duo who forced Miami's
registrant population into homelessness. On 24 June 2020, the Fourth Florida Court of Appeals held that Lauren Book's bogus injunction against me violated my
First Amendment rights to free speech. This is a great victory for OnceFallen AND for the Anti-Registry Movement as a whole.
CLICK HERE to read the


In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a major project, called LIFE ON THE LIST: A Survival Guide for those Forced to Register Upon Release. This
book is a guide for prisoners, those about to be convicted for a sex offense, and those new to life on the public sex offense registry. This book will cover a
variety of topics including travel, housing, employment, some legal issues, an overview of post-release sanctions new registrants must endure, and even
recreation as a registrant. In addition, the book will also include a list of housing leads and a comprehensive summary of the laws of all 50 states and US
Territories, far more detailed than any other resource available today.

Many of the resources, such as the housing list, are already on this website or has been published in the Informational Corrlinks Newsletters (ICoN), but are
compiled into book form for the sake of prisoners and those with Internet restrictions. The mission of OnceFallen is to provide valuable resources for
Registered Persons free of charge. To that end, the PDF will be available here once completed. I am seeking the most affordable options for those desiring
printed copies. More details coming soon.


Founded in December 2007, Once Fallen has been a leading reference & resource site for Registered Citizens (i.e., those convicted of registrable sex offenses)
and provide useful information to those seeking to reform or abolish the myriad of excessive sex offender laws, from the public registry to residency
restrictions and beyond. Once Fallen answers hundreds of phone calls and letters, visits with legislators, assists registrants in connecting to available resources
and support networks, and provides analysis research on sex offender laws FREE of charge.

This FREE and INDEPENDENT resource site is NOT funded by ANY other organizations or grants, NOR DO I EVER, NOR WILL I EVER, CHARGE
FOR MY SERVICES OR ASSISTANCE. Donations, however, are always needed to keep this important service going

Once Fallen operating expenses include website fees, costs related to prisoner outreach (stamps, paper, etc.), connectivity through phone and online (answering
emails, letters, and calls from Registered Persons, loved ones, the media, college students seeking research, and legal professionals), and on the occasional
public awareness event. Your donations help OnceFallen continue to offer this website, the prisoner outreach and the other awareness campaigns available.
OnceFallen is run by one person so maintaining a site this large is a monumental effort.


  1. I accept Paypal donations to iamthefallen1@yahoo.com (or clicking the "Make a Donation" Button above, but it is better to send me a Paypal donation
    through the Paypal site under "friends and family).
  2. You can also support this website by buying something off the OnceFallen AMAZON.COM WISHLIST. (For those not familiar with how that works,
    if you order something off my list, it is shipped to me from Amazon. Be sure to buy through Amazon Smile so your purchases help other charities. My
    Amazon Smile Charity of choice is Women Against Registry.)
  3. You can send a check, Money Order, Postage Stamps, or Cash payable to Derek Logue, 2211 County Road 400, Tobias, NE 68453. DO NOT make
    checks/ MOs out to OnceFallen because I cannot cash them.
  4. If you use GoFundMe, you can send donations to OnceFallen by CLICKING HERE. For the year 2020, the most immediate needs have been covered,
    but future projects will always need funding.


MISSION: The purpose of Once is providing an honest education on the truth about sex offender laws and issues, and offering some support services and
guidance to those seeking to reform America's sex offense laws.
Once Fallen is not a legal referral service, nor can we provide legal advice on sex crime
defense or appealing convictions, and any advice given is a solitary opinion based upon the personal experiences and conclusions made by the owner of this

The ARM/ Once Fallen DISCLAIMER: The Anti-Registry Movement does not promote sexual abuse of any kind, nor we do not work to lower/
abolish age of consent laws; we DO NOT affiliate, support, or align ourselves active members of such groups like NAMBLA or "Boychat/ Girlchat"
sites; we do, however, support positive treatment and support for those who offended so that they may live productive and offense free lives. We
support evidence-based (PROVEN) methods of prevention, education and treatment. We  believe the public registry, residency restrictions,
community notification, registry fees, GPS monitoring, and other post-release sanctions are NOT evidence-based and are ineffective as methods to
achieving an offense-free society. Thus, we will publicly oppose these oppressive sanctions until these sanctions are fully abolished.  [
for a further explanation on what it mean to be an anti-registry activist.]

We do not believe every person claiming to be a registry reform activist is indeed worthy of our support. Once Fallen condemns the following for
making numerous FALSE ALLEGATIONS against our site -- Michael McKay from Registry Report and Lifetimes Magazine, Dwayne Daughtry
from NCRSOL.ORG, TNF_13 (a self-professed pedophile activist), Lori Hamilton of Oklahoma Voices, and former activist Mary Davye Devoy.
OnceFallen stands by every statement made on this site and does not support, endorse or tolerate individuals or groups that spread misinformation,
lies and false claims regarding fellow activists.

Mentions are not endorsements:
Mentions of other organizations here do not imply any kind of cooperation or agreement between us and are listed for
informative purposes only. See my
CONTACT ME page for detailed info about this site and to contact the webmaster.

OnceFallen Info is FREE to use for NON-COMMERCIAL and FAIR USE ONLY: The information provided at this site is free to the public for
informational and educational (non-commercial) purposes. If you intend to use anything from this website for non-commercial purposes, such as copying a
page to hand to a legislator or an inmate, or for school research projects, then this falls under "fair use" and you don't need my permission. Commercial
ventures, such as for-profit businesses or competing websites, must obtain my permission to use any info provided here. Generally I only ask you link to my
website and credit me for my work (Derek W. Logue of Once Fallen.com). Any opinions expressed here are my own. Links to other websites
do not imply any
degree of mutual endorsement or support between ONCE FALLEN and any other website and are merely here for educational and informative purposes.
SERVICES PROVIDED: OnceFallen engages in a variety of projects:

  1. The OnceFallen.com website: This website is our primary service.
  2. Prisoner Outreach: OnceFallen has offered the Informational Corrlinks Newsletter (ICoN) since 2015. In addition, OnceFallen answers prisoner letters
    and prints out some reference materials upon request.
  3. Answering inquiries: Every year, OnceFallen answers hundreds of questions by phone, text, email, and postal letter. Most questions involve housing,
    understanding the laws, or finding local resources. Occasionally, I've assisted with media inquiries, college research papers, videos, and helping legal
    professionals better understand potential arguments against these laws.
  4. The Annual Shiitake Awards: The Shiitake Awards is a special project that spotlights the absurdity of Predator Panic and America's obsession with
    passing tougher sex offense laws. Throughout the year, nominees are listed on the Shiitake-Worthy Blog and at the end of each year, a selection
    committee picks out three finalists from each category. The general public is invited to vote every January, and results are posted on this website around
  5. Other projects: OnceFallen engages in a variety of public awareness campaigns, including public demonstrations. We would be open to speaking events
    or helping with larger projects upon request. If you'd like OnceFallen's assistance, feel free to CONTACT ME.

SERVICES NOT PROVIDED: OnceFallen is NOT a licensed attorney, and the information provided is NOT considered legal advice, nor do we offer any kind
of attorney services, appeals/ sentencing policy information, or any service that is unrelated to understanding sex offender laws. This is primarily a reference
site for activists fighting the public registries as a whole rather than on helping individuals fight sex crime charges. Any advice I give you should be treated as
one man's opinion and I always encourage people to seek multiple opinions on legal questions, preferably from attorneys who specialize in sex offense laws.


On the left hand side of this main page are links to various information pages on my website The first section are fact guides, the second section are editorials
and assorted current event articles, and the final section are of site information pages. There is also a search function at the top of this page to assist with
finding specific topics. (For example, if you wanted to see all pages on John Walsh, you can type "John Walsh" in the search box and hit "Search" to see all
pages where John Walsh has been mentioned.) There is also an
FAQ PAGE for the most common questions you may have.

The categories are as follows:

  • GUIDES FOR EVERYDAY NEEDS: Fact guides to help registrants with common needs, such as housing or dealing with harassment, as well as fact
    guides for registrant activists
  • RESEARCH PAPERS ON SEX OFFENSE LAWS: Fact guides on various sex offender laws from registration to the Adam Walsh Act and other legal
  • SEX OFFENSE MYTHS RESEARCH PAPERS: Covering numerous myths about people convicted of sexual offenses
  • ONCE FALLEN'S SURVEYS: Research Survey Reports specifically conducted by OnceFallen.com
  • SEX OFFENDER HISTORY SERIES: A series of articles covering history of sex offender laws and commentaries on the growing sex offender legal
    reform movement.
  • CURRENT EVENTS AND COMMENTARIES: A few personal editorials on various sex offender topics, including the ever-popular "You Might Be a Sex
    Offender If" page.
  • ONCE FALLEN SITE LINKS: My contact page, bio, book sales, the Informational Corrlinks Newsletter (ICoN), the and lists for recommended reading,
    as well as my links page to other sex offender reform sites.  

On your left is a list of fact guides on a variety of sex offender laws and topics. Every fact guide has been researched thoroughly and every effort has been
made to provide up-to-date and accurate information. Once Fallen is dedicated to providing the best available information. If you find any grammatical or
spelling errors, research errors, or have suggestions, email me at
iamthefallen1@yahoo.com. If you are looking to become an activist, I suggest reading my
GET ACTIVE page. If you are looking for information not covered by my fact guides, looking to join other activist sites, or to see if there are state-specific
resources for your area, visit my


For media inquiries or to contact me, visit my CONTACT ME page. To join the fight, visit my GET ACTIVE page. See also my RSO SITES/ LINKS PAGE
for other support and advocacy sites & related resources. I always strongly suggest anyone looking for a private online support group for registered persons
and their loved ones to sign up for the forums at
www.sosen.org as they have a great forum for sharing information and offering support to fellow registrants.

EXTERNAL REGISTRANT RESOURCES (Important resources offered by other sites):

Relief for the Registry Chart released by the Collateral Consequences Resource Center: The ccresourcecenter.org website has released a spreadsheet
of laws that provide relief from the public sex offender registry. You can download the info by

50 state registry/ residency restriction guide: You can download a spreadsheet on registration and residency laws for all 50 states or get the complete state
statutes in PDF form at the rival ACSOL Website by

NCSL Database of Passed Laws: The National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) has a database of all sex offender legal enhancements (i.e., laws passed
that increase sex offenders laws) from 2008 to the current sessions.
CLICK HERE to visit the database.

RTAG Travel Matrix: The Registrant Travel Action Group (RTAG) has created a "Travel Matrix" in an attempt to aid registrants planning international travel.
The link to this service can be found by
The Contents of this website are copyright (c) 2007-2020 Derek W. Logue. All rights reserved. No part of this
website may be used in any way without expressed written consent of the site owner outside of what is
allowable by the Fair Use Doctrine.
CLICK HERE to understand what constitutes Fair Use.

Once Fallen, "Through Wisdom and Knowledge We Shall Rise From The Ashes,"  Sex Offenders Pursuing
Healing In Adversity (SOPHIA), SO Clear Media, and ReFORM Radio are all assumed trademarks (TM) of
Derek W. Logue of OnceFallen.com
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Shiitake Awards Playlist

Latest Awards Show

The Shiitake Awards is a Once Fallen
Production, spotlighting those politicians,
people and laws that exploit sex offenders
for personal gain. To learn more about the
annual Shiitake Awards, visit my

To keep up with Shiitake-worthy candidates
throughout the year, visit the
Shiitake-Worthy Blog.

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Anti-Registry Movement (ARM)
Protest Playlist

Latest Video: ARM Art Show Protest at the
University of Southern Maine, Sept. 2018

Playlist Description: This Playlist covers the
various public awareness campaigns in
which ARM members had engaged in over
the years, as well as discussions about past
public awareness efforts, from the first
attempt to protest in 2007 in Miami to the
2007 Columbus Rally to the 2008 Coalinga
Rally to Tallahassee "Rally in Tally" 2015
to Long Island 2016 to Oakland in 2016.
Miami Dade Homeless Camp
Video Playlist

Last Video:

Christmas at the Camp 2016
(OnceFallen & the FL chapter of WAR
teamed up to deliver $1000 worth of
supplies to homeless registrants)

Playlist Description:

This playlist is primarily of videos of
anti-registry activists addressing the
unique homeless registrant crisis in
Miami, FL, along with a few news videos
from the Miami camp.
5 Star Recommended Reading
(See our
Recommended Media page for more suggested books and videos)

"Protecting Our Kids: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us" by Emily Horowitz

This 2016 book covers the personal stories of numerous registrants who have
experienced negative consequences, and why harsh laws backfire.


"Stranger Danger: Family Values, Childhood, and the American Carceral State"
by Paul M. Renfro

A 2020 book covering the rise of the child abduction panics and its influence over modern
sex offense laws. Order at
Oxford U. Press (also available as an eBook)
Youtube Playlist

Latest Video:

"Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield"
on HLN

January 11, 2018

Show Topic: Man released from Minnesota
Civil Commitment Center

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interviews with Once Fallen.
SO Clear Talks Series:

Latest Video:

SO Clear Talks 8 -
The Two Party System Is Not Your Friend

Playlist Description: This playlist is of
various talks and response videos under the
SO Clear banner. SO Clear Media was
founded in 2007 by Tom Madison; these
discussions cover a variety of
thought-provoking topics related to the
registry topic as well as the anti-registry
ONCE FALLEN: Origin (2006)

In 2006, I bought a Mini DV (Standard Def)
camcorder to film a documentary. What I ended up
capturing was a journey that led me to being the
activist I am today. When I first started filming, I
lived in a run-down sleeping room. I just lost my
last job and started collecting SSI soon after. I was
also fighting in court to keep my residence. I lost
my case but found a new apartment. i stayed with
my mom for two months, leaving Cincy at the end of
September and returning just after Thanksgiving.

After some issues moving back, I settled into my
new apartment, only to learn that the city was
looking to increase residency restrictions. I took the
fight back to city hall and won the right to stay at
my new apartment. This victory inspired me to
write my book and, a year to the day after my first
speech at Cincinnati City Hall, the Once Fallen
website.  This is the archive footage from my first
attempt at a film.

The Sex Offender Next Door

by Mikki Skaggs


About this video

This is a video made by a grad student as part
of her degree program. This project is not
affiliated with OnceFallen/ SO Clear Media,
Arkansas Time After Time, or SOSEN, but
each group offered their assistance, and
features individuals from various activist
groups. Also contains clips used with
permission from previous OnceFallen/ SO Clear
videos from the Miami Homeless Camp.