About Derek W. Logue of Once Fallen
("The Fallen One")
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I have been an activist since 2004, fighting for the rights of registered citizens ("sex offenders"). I am also on the registry. In 1999, I made
a mistake-- I kissed an underage girl. She was somebody I knew, and I knew better. I am what you call a "situational offender." I was
arrested in 2000 and convicted in 2001 (I sat in jail a full year before my conviction.) I served 37 months of a six year sentence in an
Alabama State Prison, and was released in April 2003. I never chose to become an activist, but after I spent years in vain laying low,
working and paying bills, and bothering no one, I was targeted by local politicians determined to use registrants like me to further their
careers. I was forced out of one residence formerly pre-approved by the authorities, and had to fight to keep my second residence. My
activism was inspired by my struggle to survive.

I am not against punishment for people who commit sex crimes. However, I believe punishment should be coupled with prevention and
rehabilitation programs. I have lived under these laws for over a decade, and I have experienced the social ostracism, the denial of
housing and employment services, and harassment that is common to those on the registry. My first taste of online activism came in 2004
through a defunct website called "sexcriminals.com." My fellow activists have helped me through some tough times over the years. Today,
I fight to bring wholesale reforms of America's sex offender laws, including abolishing residency restrictions, the public registry, and
community notification, as well as promote programs that emphasize education and prevention of sexual abuse programs. Healing for
both victims and offenders should be emphasized.

I created this site to help educate the public as well as assist my fellow activists. In 1999, before my arrest, I earned a Bachelor's in
Justice Studies from Athens State University (in Athens, AL). I bring a decade of practical and research experience on the subject of sex
offender laws. Over the years, Once Fallen has become recognized as a leading source of factual information on sex offender laws.
Registrants, counselors, lawyers, and even law enforcement officials have utilized the information here. I have made many media
appearances to help further the cause.

Derek Logue/ Once Fallen Media Appearances:

  1. WLWT-5 Cincinnati, Dec. 5, 2006, fighting Residency Restriction Laws (Also on FOX 19 News)
  2. Cincinnati Enquirer, July 29, 2007, in newspaper (I was actually fairly disappointed in this article)
  3. Cincinnati Enquirer, July 2007, Online Video Interview
  4. KTKA News (Kansas), May 19, 2008, mentions my comments in blog on-air
  5. SO Clear Media, June 2008, Online Interview
  6. Lehigh Valley Live (PA), September 14, 2008, article "The great debate: Are Residency bans effective?"
  7. Appearances on box Fox 19 and Local 12 in Cincinnati on April 8, 2009, as a counter to a protest against the VOA Pogue
  8. New York Daily News, Aug. 3, 2009, opposing iPhone Offender App
  9. The Cypress Times, Nov. 24, 2009, full length editorial "Of Myths and Monsters"
  10. CNN.com, January 12, 2010, Article on civil commitment
  11. Allen Hunt Show, January 12, 2010, click here for download mp3, I'm on about 28 minutes in
  12. ARC Talk Radio, March 31, 2010 (DOWNLOAD from this link)
  13. Human-Stupidity.com, June 2010
  15. The Paula Gloria Show (Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC), April 27, 2012, CLICK HERE for Part 1, CLICK
    HERE for Part 2
  16. The Joe Friendly Show (Manhattan Neighborhood Network, NYC), April 27, 2012
  17. Mobile Lagnaippe, August 7, 2012, article on RSO clustering
  18. Once Fallen referenced in the book "Unprecedented: How Sex Offender Laws are Impacting Our Nation" p. 58, p.198,
    and p.333
  19. CBS 42 Birmingham, Feb. 20, 2013, news story on the efforts of ReFORM-AL to fight Alabama's Sex Offender Laws (You
    can CLICK HERE for the Video Version as it appeared on TV, or CLICK HERE for the raw, unedited interview)
  20. Huffington Post Live, June 4, 2013, along with USA Fair and a state affiliate
  21. Dr. Drew On Call [HLN], Aug. 13, 2013, discussing the case of a registrant who gained custody of his daughter
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  26. 700 WLW Cincinnati, Dec. 12, 2013, discussing the need for reforming sex offender sentencing laws
  27. Washington Post, Jan. 28, 2014, in support of Dennis Sobin, who created a registry to register his registrants
  28. ACTIVIST CENTRAL 20/20 RADIO, March 7, 2014, discussing serial killer Patrick Drum
  29. Dr. Drew On Call [HLN], April 7, 2014, discussing whether "SVPs" can be rehabilitated
  30. WIAT 42 Birmingham, October 31, 2014. Sadly, they didn't use the best parts of my interview and my identity is not revealed.
  31. Dr. Drew On Call [HLN], Dec. 11, 2014, discussing whether Registered Persons should be allowed to keep lottery winnings
  32. Florida Times-Union, Dec. 20, 2014, discussing the negative impact of residency restriction laws
  33. Miami New Times, Feb. 18, 2015, responding to the Book family, who is pushing for tougher RSO laws (note, I was incorrectly
    listed as representing another organization, so a later version removed my quotes. This is the original version)
  34. Sacramento Bee, March 10, 2015, OpEd response to "sex offender colony" idea

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In 2007, I received a partial pardon from the state of Alabama in recognition of my rehabilitation. I have been "free" for over a decade
without a single accusation or suspicion of re-offense. There is hope for redemption, even for those with the label "sex offender."
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