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    Instead, Once Fallen provides the best available information on the case against post-conviction sex offender "remedies" such as public shaming lists,
    residency restrictions. Once Fallen promotes an "evidence-based approach" to combating recidivism through a combination of fact-based public
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    WAR SUPPORT HOTLINE FOR REGISTRANTS AND FAMILIES CALL TOLL FREE -- (800) 773-4319 or email the support line,
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    See also the eAdvocate Community Blog for more resources or my RSO SITES/ LINKS PAGE for other support and advocacy sites,
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    EXTERNAL Registrant Resources (Important resources offered by other sites):

    Relief for the Registry Chart released by the Collateral Consequences Resource Center: The ccresourcecenter.org website has released a
    spreadsheet of laws that provide relief from the public sex offender registry. You can download the info by CLICKING HERE.

    50 state registry/ residency restriction guide: You can download a spreadsheet on registration and residency laws for all 50 states or get the complete
    state statutes in PDF form at the rival ACSOL Website by CLICKING HERE.

    NCSL Database of Passed Laws: The National Council of State Legislatures (NCSL) has a database of all sex offender legal enhancements (i.e., laws
    passed that increase sex offenders laws) from 2008-2014. CLICK HERE to visit the database.

    RTAG Travel Matrix: The Registrant Travel Action Group (RTAG) has created a "Travel Matrix" in an attempt to aid registrants planning international
    travel. The link to this service can be found by CLICKING HERE.

    50 State Guide to Teen Sexting Laws: A work-in-progress from a rival website. I'm not exactly fond of this site because the person who runs it
    supports the registry but the info is good so I'm linking to it. To access this list, CLICK HERE.


    Legislative season is now in full swing, so stay active by keeping watch on bills in your state, writing your legislators, and testifying against bad
    legislation. Visit my LINKS PAGE for links to other groups that may be operating in your state.

    REGISTRY SCAM! -- WWLT-TV in Louisiana is reporting a phone scam from people claiming to be US Marshals (USMS) with a warrant for your
    arrest than can be cleared up  by wiring money to them. Don't be fooled! The scam claims you have missed a sex offender court screening and must
    pay a fine or face arrest, which can be resolved by wiring money to them. The real USMS would simply come and arrest you if there was really a
    warrant for your arrest. CLICK HERE to see the news story.
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The Shiitake Awards is a Once Fallen
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for personal gain. To learn more about the
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April 2015

Taking on Lauren Book and her victim
industry group was a monumental challenge
deep into hostile territory. But we went and
did what many feared could not be done,
and in the end, the Books ran from us like

This rally is featured in the documentary
'Untouchable," which was played at the 2016
Tribeca Film Festival.
"Christmas at the Camp"
Homeless S.O. Camp, Miami

On December 24, 2016, members of the
Anti-Registry Movement and the Florida
chapter of another group visited the
homeless camp at 36th Ct/ 71st St in
Hialeah and brought supplies to the camp.
Visit both websites to get more involved in
our efforts.

On the second video of this playlist, you can
see the earlier video on the deplorable
conditions at the Miami camp, taken on
March 2016.
"Protecting Our Kids: How Sex
Offender Laws Are Failing Us"
by Emily Horowitz

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The Dolphin
by Craig Hallenstein

A new fiction novel for 2016
that reads like a Hollywood
Blockbuster while exposing
some inconvenient truths about
the sex offender registry. Now
available for Pre-order.

CLICK HERE to visit the
author's website.
Sept. 7, 2016

Th Dr. Drew Show had a decent five-year
run, but Drew and CNN are going their
separate ways. I got one last appearance in
during the show. The subject was the
release of a high-profile registrant's release
from prison.

For this final show appearance, I wanted
folks to see the full segment, not just the
part I was in, in order to take in all that
was said. This segment went better than
expected and only on a couple of points
would I have wanted to interject some
reasonable thought. Overall, I felt this was
a decent segment, and I didn't have to tell
anyone to stick it. (LOL)

w/ Tom Madison & Derek Logue

Tom Madison and I have been long-time
activists, each with over a decade of front-line
activism experience. Tom & I started working
together in 2008, when Tom created SO Slear
Media Group. We are looking to bring back the
group, and as part of that plan, we are sharing
our personal thoughts on activism and on the
sex offender topic as a whole. I'm more of a
narrowly focused guy (like a laser beam) while
Tom discusses things from the big picture (like
a floodlight). We have some pretty deep
discussions which we feel may help some of
you broaden your knowledge on this topic. We
invite you to listen to these discussions and
share your thoughts in the comments section.