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What is ReFORM Radio?

The acronym ReFORM means
Registered Former Offender Restoration Movement.

The mission of ReFORM Radio is bridging the gap between the registered former
offender and the people who push for these laws and calling for reforming sex
offender laws to benefit both the general public and the reformed offender.
ReFORM Radio seeks to find the truth behind sex offender laws and find feasible
solutions to the controversial issue. Hosted by two long-time voices for the
reformed offender, ReFORM Radio is not afraid to tackle the hard issues and
speak with people on both sides of the sex offender issue.
Summary of Past Episodes

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This page will serve to review past episodes of the show as well.

Episode 20: Sex Offenders: Forgiven?

In this episode, I interviewed Steven Benke of Jefferson Hills Church in Imperial, Missouri, whose church started a billboard campaign
asking what is forgivable: Homosexuality, cheating, even sexual offending. With the general consensus by the secular public was only
sex offenders, would the church share that sentiment? Pastor Benke shares moments from the series on forgiveness and the church
members' views on the sex offender.

Episode 19: "Big Registry"

We have "Big Oil," there's "Big Tobacco", and now "Big Registry." This episode discussed the billions of dollars at stake promoting the
sex offender laws, the big payouts to CEOs of so-called "non-profits," the controversy surrounding the iPhone's "Offender Locator" app,
and other big money schemes designed to make money off your fears about sex offenders.

Episode 18: End of ReFORM Radio... for now

In light of recent life changes and the lack of listeners, I decided to quit regularly hosting ReFORM Radio until after my move is final
(around the end of the year) if I decide to return.

Episodes 16/ 17: Civil Commitment parts 1 and 2

This episode covers the complex Civil Commitment issue; the notes are available on the Civil Commitment page.

Episode 15: False Allegations

This episode covered False Allegations: show notes can be found on my False Allegations webpage.

Episode 14: Homelessness and Protesting a Protest

This episode covered the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, Florida, where registrants have been forced to live under the bridge after
release from prison. Revisited the case of
Thomas Pauli, the homeless Michigan registrant who died after denied shelter during the
cold winter. Also covered ReFORM Radio's coverage of the protest of the Pogue Rehabilitation Center in Cincinnati. The protest and
the Julia Tuttle articles can be found of the
main page of my website.

Episode 13: Inside a Predator Panic

We know their names: Adam Walsh, Megan Kanka, Jessica Lunsford. Their deaths brought about most of the sex offender legislation
we live under today. Such events, thankfully are extremely rare, but in addition to the fact they are tragic indeed, the consequences are
spread to all Former Offenders as if somehow we are ALL responsible. Two recent high-profile cases sparked outrage and a call for
more sex offender legislation: the Esme Kenney murder in Cincinnati, OH and the Alicia Nipp murder in Seattle, WA, both allegedly at
the hands of people convicted of sex crimes. These two cases were even mentioned in the recent SORNA congressional meeting on
March 10. This episode explored the Esme Kenney case in particular in greater detail.
In March 2009, 13 year old Esme Kenney was killed, allegedly by one Anthony Kirkland, a man who served 25 years for manslaughter/
arson (notice not a sex case). He was later convicted on one count of "Importuning," and served a few months. Kirkland had
maintained his innocence in the Importuning case, and even passed a polygraph, but since he pled guilty, he was considered a sex
offender and sent to the Pogue Center in Cincinnati for treatment
upon completion of his prison sentence. Since he maintained his
innocence, he refused to participate and was removed from the sex offender program, but remained at the center in the general
offender wing. He was subsequently kicked out of the Pogue Center in accordance with the state guidelines set by the Ohio Dept. of
Correction and Rehabilitation, and he allegedly killed at least two people in a 10 day crime spree. Despite the fact Kirkland was
considered a SERIAL KILLER rather than a sex offender by officials, the local media emphasized his sex crime conviction.
The backlash involved the Pogue Center itself. For years, idiotic Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Monzel has been trying to get the
Pogue Rehabilitation Center shut down. The Ohio DRC came in to investigate and found the place was compliant, the only problem
being some record keeping issues, but the media in true hyperbolic form notes the "high levels of center participates going AWOL."  
They recommended only minor changes, but Monzel continues to push to shut down the center. It is interesting to note that the report
notes if the Pogue Rehabilitation Center was ever shut down, sex offenders would be released without treatment and be homeless
immediately after release. It is also interesting to note the great success of the program in reducing the already low recidivism rates of
Former Sex Offenders. For more on this case check out the following:

Episode 12: The Church and the Sex Offender Part 2: Interview w/ Keeping Kids Safe Ministries

In this episode, I inreviewed Steve Vann and Greg Sporer from as part of our ongoing series on the
Church and the Sex Offender. Details at our
Church and Sex Offenders webpage

Episode 11: Special Episode 2/28/09! Registered Offenders officially a TARGET CLASS!

Three events makes a strong case for announcing that those on sex offender registries are more than a SUSPECT CLASS, but a
TARGET CLASS. Indeed, sex offenders are officially considered a degraded rights class, as evidenced in the following stories:

  • -- Remorseless Vigilante Tammy Lee Gibson gets only
    90 days in jail for her violent assault on a Former Offender; canonized by the public
  • -- The
    Sewell v. Ohio 1st Appellate Court of Ohio decision -- Presiding judge Sylvia Henton, mother-in-law of Hamilton County
    Prosecutor Joe Deters, who was the defendant in this lawsuit, states: "By their voluntary acts, sex offenders have surrendered
    certain protections that arguably are afforded to other citizens. Their conviction of felony offenses puts them into a class that
    has already been deemed to have no expectation of finality in the consequences of the judgments against them... The fact that
    Sewell belongs to a class that has voluntarily surrendered certain protections and rights makes the conclusion that Senate Bill
    10‟s tier-classification and registration requirements are constitutional even more certain. ." She officially recognizes sex
    offenders as a class of individuals with degraded rights!
  • North Carolina HB 207 Hate Crimes Bill makes a distinction that "physical or sexual attraction to children" is not a "sexual
    orientation" for the purpose of discrimination. Considering that people tend to equate registered sex offenders with
    "pedophiles," they are essentially stating that there are no consequences for attacking registrants. It has been noted the need
    for protection against vigilantism based on "criminal sexual history."

Of additional note was a call from a guest from the United Kingdom, where Predator Panic is not as severe as in the USA.

Episode 10: Predator Panic Emasculating Men

This episode discussed how Predator Panic is emasculating our culture. Men in general are cast as "potential predators"; John Walsh
advises women never hire a male babysitter, airlines will not sit unaccompanied minors with men, and policies are in place in many
jobs preventing men from ever being alone with children. As a consequence, men are less willing to work with children (number of
male elementary school teachers down 50% since 1981), and people are even unwilling to help a lost child out of fear of being
labeled a "sexual predator." There is a major concern over the impact of predator panic on our culture, as men are considered "guilty
until proven innocent."

Links to relevant articles:


Discussed my new article of the same name (Registries Revisited), including the newest studies proving Megan's Law is ineffective,
and a call to revisit the old Smith v. Doe decision.

Episode 8: Barriers to ReFORM, featuring "Valigator"

Perhaps the most enlightening show ever. For the first time, two of the staunchest opponents in the debate over sex offender laws
come together for a rational critique and discussion of the message of those who oppose many of the sex offender laws. "Valigator" is
well one of the toughest proponents of many of the current sex offender laws, but unlike many proponents, has "done her homework"
and not afraid to speak the truth for the need to reform. Many of ReFORM Radio listeners oppose these laws, but we've also done our
homework and stress the need for reform for more effective laws so there will be "no more victims." While the show had the potential
to be explosive and confrontational, this episode ended up becoming the most acclaimed episode of ReFORM Radio to date, as the
two sides squared off in a rational manner and discovered the strengths and weaknesses of the ReFORM Movement. Ironically, in
many ways, both sides agree on many of the same issues, including the need to reform the laws to weed out those who pose no
threat to society (like "Romeo" offenses) and the need for rehabilitation.
The biggest criticisms of the ReFORM movement comes from
our criticisms of certain celebrity advocates, not stressing the differences in offenses (emphasizing "Romeos" and not acknowledging
the high risk offenders), the tone of some of our statements and stats, and our differing interpretations of the same statistics.
On the
ReFORM Radio side, many of listeners are frustrated with the generalization, the myths, and many of the misconceptions people have
about sex offenders in general. However, in the midst of an OPEN, HONEST, AND RATIONAL DISCUSSION of these laws, we have
come to the conclusion that many of those on both sides not only want the same goal, the elimination of sex crimes, but that it is ALSO
possible to work TOGETHER to reform the laws to find the balance between retribution and rehabilitation, hurting and healing, and
public safety and individual freedom. Admitting this need is only the first step. So where do we go from here?

Episode 7: The New Internet Laws and Update on the "Angry" Tammy Lee Gibson Vigilante Case

This episode reviewed the new laws that require sex offenders to register online IDs, screen names, email addresses, and in some
cases, even passwords! Internet laws are a bad idea for four main reasons:

Internet related laws have already been overturned in Utah and Indiana, and the precursor to these laws, the Child Online Protection
Act has been defeated numerous times. All the info discussed can be found on my "Internet Laws" fact page.
Also, an important ACTION ALERT was made in the
Tammy Lee Gibson Vigilante Case. Gibson assaulted a Former Offender with a
baseball bat. In January 2009 she accepted a guilty plea to a reduced charge and ONLY FACES 8 MONTHS IN JAIL for attempted
murder! ReFORM Radio urges listeners to contact the Judge and
Prosecuting Attorney and implore them to lock up Tammy Gibson for
longer. Gibson is a repeat offender with a history of violent assaults and drug crimes. See my front page page for more details.

Episode 6: End of the year Round-up and the 2008 Shiitake Awards Winners

It WAS supposed to be a casual easy show, but special caller Val made it interesting.  Anyways, here's what I thought were my top 10
stories of 2008, from smallest to biggest

  • #10- The Research- 1 in 99 incarcerated, 1 in 33 with criminal record, and the "Internet 'Predators' and their victims," which
    dispelled many myths about so-called internet predators
  • #9- Dateline To catch a Predator Backlash, settles $105 Mil lawsuit, Murphy Texas cases dismissed
  • #8- Bubba the Love Sponge feud with Mark Lunsford, people cynical of celebrity advocates
  • #7- The "Angry Tammy" Gibson case, where a woman with a repeat drug and assault record was canonized for assaulting a
    sex offender, Family Watchdog teaches face-to-face confrontations
  • #6- Louisiana v. Kennedy, struck down death penalty in non-death cases; Obama, Jindal tries to persuade SCOTUS to reverse
  • #5- Passage of the KIDS Act of 2008; McCain "stops campaign" to pass it, Oprah campaigns for the law (and Obama, of
  • #4- Teen sex laws (Romeo and Juliet) come under fire; ABC's "Age of Consent" series
  • #3- 2008 Presidential Race: First time sex offender issues a major campaign issue for race
  • #2- The "Year of Segregation:" hurricane shelters, Halloween laws, the NC church ban, and the OK segregated nursing home

And the #1 story of the year....

  • #1- THE ADAM WALSH ACT: Courts in Nevada and Indiana have struck down retroactivity; many states from Texas to West
    Virginia are rejecting the Act, and John Walsh is begging the public for support of this atrocious act

In addition, the inaugural/ 2008 edition of the Shiitake Awards, hosted by Once Fallen/ ReFORM Radio, were announced:

Go to to nominate for the 2009 Shiitake Awards!

Episode 5: The Church and the Former Offender Part 1- Redeption w/ Tiggeronmv from SOSEN

This show is the first of an ongoing series focusing on the role of the church in the restoration of the former sex offender in the
congregation and the community. In this episode, the new laws in North Carolina and Georgia barring registrants from attending or
volunteering at a church, and how the church SHOULD respond to reformed offenders entering the Church. Full recap can be found on
Church and Sex Offenders page on this website.

Episode 4: Money Talks and....

In light of the budget crisis, states are reconsidering many of the "tough on sex offender" measures passed in recent years. Could this
budget crisis be the one event that returns the sanity into the sex crime issue? Perhaps. My article on the
Budget Crisis and the
Former Offender corresponds to this episode.

Episode 3: Post Election Re-CRAP

A discussion regarding the latest election which ended with Barack Obama's winning the Presidency seat and a Democratic
controlled Congress. So is there any hope for reform? I'm a tad skeptical myself. After all,
Obama heavily criticised the US Supreme
Court in the Kennedy v. Louisiana case, and was part of the signees trying to reverse the ruling. However, he vows to uphold the US
Constitution. It remains to be seen how much that vow holds in the fight over the Adam Walsh Act. See also my
synopsis of the 2008
Presidential Candidates for more details.

Episode 2: Tricks not Treats: The Halloween Show

Predator Panic has led to some crazy laws and practices in this country. As a result, we have Halloween curfews even though there is
not one reported case of a child molested by a convicted sex offender while trick or treating.
Some states even list deceased offenders
on the registries, as if dead offenders will somehow spring to life. But the madness hasn't ended! Even now, politicos scramble to
come up with the
dumbest laws possible in order to look good... er, "protect children." It shows how far we really are to rational
discourse to solve this issue.

Episode 1: ReFORM Radio- Intros and solutions!

The intro to ReFORM Radio and a brief synopsis of the ReFORM, the mission, and the barriers to ReFORM! Included is a discussion
of our
Prevention 101 article.
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